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7 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health





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How to Help an Aging Parent With Depression

  Unfortunately, as we age, we’re more likely to face health problems, affecting both our physical and mental states. Some conditions such as a cognitive decline are natural, even expected, but that does not make it any easier to face. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 20% of seniors over 55 experience mental health concerns. That percentage continues to increase as we age. Conditions that are common among seniors include anxiety and mood disorders such as being bipolar or having depression. Although these conditions come naturally and easily to seniors, they are not a normal part of the aging process. That is good news because it means we can do something to combat the effects of these conditions. That’s why this article focuses on how to help an aging parent with depression. #SIGNS YOUR PARENT IS STRUGGLING If you are concerned about someone’s mental health, it’s likely they’re behaving differently. Their actions, whether intentional or sublimin ...

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